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libraries and autism: we're connected

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Why Choose Library Connections?

Ms. Kolaya and Mr. Weiss bring many years of combined professional experience to any project, with expertise in areas ranging from planning, programming and staff management to community relations, fund raising and technology implementation. Their co-authored article, "Check Your Ego at the Door: Successful Customer Service through Collaboration" defines their commitment to the advantages of a shared services approach to library administration.

Since 2005 they have worked together to improve library services in their communities:

  • Secured over $250,000 in grant funds for cooperative projects.

  • Co-managed a three-year Joint Library Feasibility Study to examine the possibilities of a merged library system, including the development of strategic and building plans, assessment of public opinion, legal and financing options.

  • Worked with state libraries, regional cooperatives and individual libraries to present customer service training seminars in the US and Canada, pioneering service to the developmentally disabled and autism community.

  • Built Libraries and Autism: We're Connected ( the definitive resource and guide for library service to individuals with ASD and their families.

  • Design and facilitation of an on-line training course for the State Library of VA.

  • Assisted the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to disseminate materials on autism to over 300 libraries around NY.

  • Developed and designed a web-based archive of local historical documents and ephemera.

  • Created joint policy development, complimentary materials acquisition strategies, programming and publicity initiatives.

  • Coordinated efforts with the local school administration to create a delivery system between public libraries and individual schools, organize summer reading efforts, provide training for school media specialists and co-sponsor student film festivals.

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